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Curiosity on marble -part III

20 Feb 2015

As time went by, there was a growing division of labour, favoured by the mechanization process. The most important innovation was the introduction of helical wire, that allowed to cut the Marble exploiting the abrasive action of siliceous sand.

The helical wire as invented in Belgium for coal - mines and in 1889 was tested to cut Marble.

In our area the first sawmill that used helical wire was in 1895 in a quarry in Fantiscritti.

It was the beginning of the industrialization process, that once started never ended and brought many changes in the field.

Even if many crafts have disappeared ( diggers, “lizzatori”, etc) and mining work is less Dangerous and tiring, the epic of Marble still goes on.

There are many tales to tell, tales of masterpieces tore from the rock, of passion for a work which is difficult but at the same time also enthusiastic, stories of a love for your own land and for the gifts it offers.

Sometimes, when we will find some nice stories to tell, significant, illustrative, “fresh”, we will report them to you, through this space.

Because “It is not the brains that matter most, but that which guides them - the character, the heart, generous qualities, progressive ideas…. “ (Dostoyevsky )

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