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Curiosity on marble

24 Nov 2014

Marble has Always been greatly used since Ancient times, as material for sculpture and architecture. The low index of refraction of calcite, its main component, allows the light to “penetrate” in the surface of the stone before being reflected, thus giving to the material (especially White Marbles) a special brightness.

The word “Marble” comes from the Greek “marmaros”, which means “shining stone” and was referred to all polished stones, that is stones whose surface could be smoothed, polished.

First objects in Marble were made during the Neolithic Epoch.

Greece was rich in Marble quarries, especially White Marbles. Therefore the use of Marble was widely spread (i.e. Acropolis and Parthenon) .

Under the influence of Greek culture Marble was considered by the Ancient Romans a highly valuable material and began to be imported., Due to the high trasnport costs Marble was considered as a luxurious material used only for public monuments or to adorn rich private homes.

....... to be continued

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