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Curiosity on marble -Part II

12 Dec 2014

During Ist century B.C began the exploitation of Lunae’s quarries: Marble quarried there was a very good alternative to Greek one, due to the fact that it was less expensive and high-grade.

Cut in big slabs with hydraulic saws, the “lunense” Marble reached the Tevere river by sea and ascended the river up to Rome.

After Egypt’s conquest (31 A.C) began the importation of Egyptian stones. They started to use also coloured Marbles for interior cladding, for flooring, column’s shafts etc.

In the Gothic Period the use of Carrara Marble goes Beyond its traditional limits thanks to Nicola and Giovanni PIsano. In 1265 Nicola Pisano chose in Carrara the Statuary Marble for the pulpit of Siena’s Cathedral and from then on many sculptors and architects arrived in Carrara to choose the Marble for their works.

During year 300 the building of Pisa, Florence, Siena and Orvieto’s Cathedrals marked the revival of Marble activities. The Marble industry developped above all during the period of Medici, when Marbles quarried in Carrara’s area were used to embellish architectural buildings in Florence.

Michelangelo came many times to Carrara and stopped there for a long time , in order to find the right Marbles to sculpture and to follow the processing of the works that had been ordered him from Medici’s Family.

This prestigious status ended during the second half of the century, due to a crisis in production and commerce. White price of Marble in the quarry were firm, sea freights were increasing more and more.

Most of the crtaftsmen were forced to look for works outside Carrara’s area (in Rome, Naples and above all Florence )

The French Revolution cut off Carrara from biggest English, Russian and Dutch customers but the town lifted up again thanks to its sculpturs

... to be continued

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