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    Sodalite Blue

     Sodalite : also for commercial projects

     It can be used for columns, bathrooms, decoration.

     available also small blocks for sculpture

     each slab..a masterpiece!

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     The warmth and beauty of marble

     Uniformity of style in every room

     Nature's beauty in your home

     get in touch with us to get price and availability

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    White Carrara C EXtra

     A lovely classic stone

     white and black , the perfect match

     inlaids, cut to size, slabs, architraves etc

     The Savoy Hotel and Bianco Carrara :winning choice

Sodalite Blue! A fantastic material!

The extraordinary Blue Sodalite from Bolivia, which has caught the attention of many architects and was classified as “best material in show” in several natural stone trade shows. Sodalite is a sodium silicate (where its name comes from) and its color is a deep bright blue, with slight intrusions of black and thin white veins, a reality in the marble sector.

An amazing stone, now available in slabs, tiles and cut to size pieces for any kind of project.

More info about sodalite blue
Camicia Sodalite Blu

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We offer marble slabs and tiles cut to size, for specific needs.

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We offer marble slabs and tiles cut to size, for specific needs.

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