A Final Round Of Great Restaurants In Rockville MD

It’s time for one final round of Rockville MD restaurants. Have you had fun exploring them with me so far? I’ve taken you to quite a few great places to eat in the city, and there are four more dining establishments coming your way. Let’s get this final round of restaurants in Rockville MD underway.

Joe’s Noodle House is going to kick things off, and it is located at 1488 Rockville Pike. This hole in the wall restaurant would make a really nice stop. I like restaurants like this one. It’s nothing fancy, but you can expect great food and friendly service. If you’re up for some hot and sour soup, pepper chicken and other great foods, then Joe’s Noodle House can be your next stop.

Do you like dumplings? East Dumpling House is the next featured dining establishment, and its location is 12 North Washington Street. Dandan noodles are on the menu, and this restaurant is also known for its hot and sour soup, just like Joe’s Noodle House. Of course, this place is chiefly known for its dumplings, and according to the reviews, you can order up some delicious pork ribs there as well.

Are you familiar with Smashburger? It’s fast food, but it’s a great place to stop when you want a quick burger. It ranks high enough on the list of restaurants in Rockville for it to get a mention. You will find Smashburger at 1800 Rockville Pike, and make sure you get some smash fries. I know, it sounds funny, but hey, this place serves up some delicious food.

Vignola Gourmet is a good spot for Italian food. So far, I’ve covered some other Italian restaurants in Rockville, but this one certainly deserves a look. Its location is 11612 Boiling Brook Place. It is known for its lasagna, roast pork, sandwiches and soft rolls, among other delicious menu items. People mention that it’s in an industrial area. It is the first restaurant I’ve reviewed on Boiling Brook Place.

Now that is a final wrap on restaurants to enjoy in Rockville MD. I hope you have liked taking a look at them with me, and I hope that you have had the pleasure of dining out at several of them already. If not, what are you waiting for? It’s time to get out there and grab a bite to eat at one of these top-notch restaurants in Rockville MD.